Using magnetic pulses, magnetic pulse forming is a cold deformation process for cutting, assembling or shaping parts with complex geometries. Workpieces are placed between a form die and an induction coil. During the forming operation, the shaping of the material - which occurs in the molecular state - is sudden (of the order of ten microseconds). In effect, the shock wave generates a double action to the part being formed: while it is formed at very high speed by being projected onto the die, it changes from a solid state to a viscoplastic state (as with the SPF process). 
Magnetic Pulse Forming technology has many advantages: 
-    It reduces tooling costs, because only one die is required
-     The formed parts do not require reworking
-    It is possible to make complex parts with narrow tolerances (for example, parts with radius smaller than the sheet thickness) 
-    The malleability of the material is significantly increased while maintaining its mechanical resistance 

As part of our R&D projects, LOIRE ETUDE designs and manufactures magnetic pulse forming tools, having carried out projects for companies such as Tesla & General Motors.


- Operations : 1
- Material : AA6015 / Epaisseur : 0,86 mm
- Prestation : Process, die design, tool manufacturing & home line tryout 
- Tool dimensions :  1500*1000*780mm