Loire Etude is positioned as the benchmark for large-scale machining in Rhône Alpes. Our expertise in large dimension  machining lies first and foremost in the design and production of tools for stamping presses, our company's principal business. Recently, Loire Etude has diversified its activities, integrating a machining center in order to produce very large parts by milling. The equipment allows us to perform heavy machining of up to 80T for maximum dimensions of 8,700mm*3,900mm. 

In addition, we are specialists in machining super hard materials. We can work with materials such as 55NCDV7 steel, Hardox or Z38 CDV5 steel, Inconels & super duplexes, as well as GS and FGL cast iron. 
Whether for single or small / medium series machining projects, our large-scale machining department is responsive, aided by integrated CAD / CAM resources (in conjunction with Catia), and a laser scanner to check the conformity of the machining.


-    Die-forging tools 
-    Machining welded frames 
-    Spare parts 
-    Decorative parts 
-    Reproduction lines