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At the heart of an ongoing and shared approach geared towards progress, our team has only one client: You

The engineers and technicians at Loire Etude, whose skills are evident in their work, are characterised by their motivation and loyalty. Their expertise is continuously being enriched since the company devotes 8% of its total wage bill each year to employee training. These qualities allow the development of a company strategy based upon innovation and teamwork. Our performance is also taking shape: Loire Etude today has at its disposal human and technical resources at the very pinnacle of the profession and displays an economical approach which has attracted industry wide admiration.

The design process is at the very core of Loire Etude’s know-how

The design engineers at Loire Etude, drawing on the most advanced simulation software, work together with the company’s clients engineering team. Our investment in a computer-aided design chain allows us to carry out 3-D studies and to program machinery in an integrated fashion. Thanks to a press tryout facility with a capacity range of 400 to 1250 tonnes and capable of acting singly or doubly, our technicians are able to develop each tool internally. The final process of ensuring the reliability of the tool is completed on the clients premises.

Over 50% of the staff at LOIRE ETUDE is thus concentrated on its fundamental task of the design process and subsequent development of the product.

Not content just to guarantee the shortest delivery times in the business, LOIRE ETUDE is committed to strengthening this competitive advantage

For the past few years, the company’s strategic objective has been to reduce by half the time taken to design and complete each product. A complete re-engineering of the process has facilitated the identification of potential new gains in terms of delivery times. Speaking more globally, the creation of a network of subcontractors and the optimisation of flows are allowing LOIRE ETUDE to develop successfully the concept of “business agility”.